Lizapp 2.1.3 Released

We are happy to announce a new update of Lizapp: Lizapp 2.1.3

In this release a new major function is added:



You can easily drag a new chart into the details area and customize the layout.


Lizapp 2.1.3 Charts Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 23.54.35 


Many chart types are available: pie, column, bar, stacked column, stacked bar, donut, line, combined line/column.

You decide wether you want to display or hide axis titles, chart title, value labels and legend at any chart.


Other improvements

We also removed some bugs like:

  • make telephone call on Android devices aborts
  • horizontal scrolling tables not showing all columns
  • hiding fields that are not creatable when adding a new entry


We also improved some performance.


As usual, it is available for Android and iOS. Go to the Lizapp homepage for more information about Lizapp.