SAP CRM | Problems with Transaction Launchers in Internet Explorer Compatibility mode

In SAP CRM transaction launchers can be used to call another (non)SAP system. When transaction launchers use BOR-methods, the WEBCUIF software component of the backend is used.


In IE9 a probleem can occur after calling the transaction launcher, that the Compatibilityview of Internet Explorer is not supported, referring note 1970689.


SAP indicates, that at the moment moment no standard solution is available.


However, there is a workaround:

  • Check if note 1878639 is implemented in your SAP CRM systeem
  • Then, set user parameter CRM_THTMLB_IE_COMP with value IE8
  • Restart your browser and everything works fine again


Be aware, when you have defined your own skin, copy the changes of note 1878639 in your own style sheet.